Member Spotlight

The members of  The Believers Concert Band come from a variety of backgrounds and have a range of skill levels.  This page features a few of the band members to share their backgrounds and motivations for participating in the band.

  • Bill Carr

    Bill Carr said he probably has the record for non-performance time before becoming a member of the Believers Band- over 50 years without playing. He said his last concert before joining the Believers band as a trumpet player was in the 9th grade when he was in a parade behind the horses- that probably convinced him band was NOT for him.

    He joined the Believers band in 2013 after many invitations to come listen to a rehearsal from Conductor Richard Petty. What finally convinced him to give it a try was hearing the band playing one cold December night for “Christmas on Green Street”. (He thought they were the best sound he heard all night.)

    Like most things Bill does, he jumped in fully, including serving as band President the next year. He has chosen to wind down a few of his many career interests and now spends a lot of time and energy at his new focus, Chapelwoods Farm in North Hall. When there he loves driving his Massey-Ferguson tractor while pulling a disc harrow or bush hog.

    Seems a far cry from a few of  his favorite possessions- the Bible, “The Selected Poems of Robert Frost”, and “Life Together” by Dietrich Bonhoeffer, but maybe not.

    He quickly gave an answer to the question, “What is one thing you could not live without?” by saying “My marriage to Jan”. That answer came faster than asking him what food he could not resist- real New York cheesecake. Now, if you see Bill, ask him what his weirdest job was.

  • Ginny Enzor

    Ginny Enzor was one of the early band members. She joined shortly after The Believers Concert Band was formed.

    In 2005 she saw an advertisement for a B.U.L.L.I. class called “Beginning Band” with this teacher named Richard Petty, and decided to get out her clarinet and give it a try-she hadn’t played it in almost 50 years, since high school.

    When Ginny left high school she became a Meteorologist’s assistant for Eastern Airlines in Atlanta, where she learned to plot weather maps that told the wind speeds and directions at various altitudes.

    Just as calculating weather has come a long way, so has Ginny and The Believers Band.

    She has two adult children and four grandchildren and says they are one thing she could not live without. She was able to travel to France to see the country when she visited her daughter Stacy and her husband when Stacy was there for a year as a Fulbright Teaching Exchange Scholar. It’s just a coincidence that French fries are one of her favorite irresistible foods.

    Daughter Stacy also played with The Believers Band for a number of years as a clarinet player until her work as a teacher and life with daughter Zoe became just too hectic. Zoe, now a middle-schooler, even played trumpet with the band a few times recently, so it’s a real family affair. (She started as a preschooler coloring and listening to her Mom at band practice.)

    Ginny says nowadays she loves to knit and read and is content to be at home, but anyone who has met Ginny knows she is not one to sit still for long. She confesses that besides her dog and her home, she would hate to be without her car!