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Joining The Believers Band

Since there is nothing to sign, you might wonder what it means to “join” The Believers Concert Band?

Commitment is the key word when you “join” The Believers Concert Band.

The Believers Concert Band, at best, had a very humble beginning.  Through the enthusiasm, commitment and dedication of it’s members, The Believers Concert Band is quickly becoming a band of excellence.  That tradition of commitment has spread to each member of the band.  The tradition of giving our best, at the time, is the standard of commitment that is desired from each member.

When you officially join The Believers Concert Band, you are making some commitments. You will be committing to performances, rehearsals, music preparation, continuity, and etc.  You will also be committing to the common interest of the success of the band and to help others succeed.

We are not asking 100% attendance, but it is desired.  We are talking about dependability. In order to function successfully as an ensemble and live up to our own standards, we need to be able to depend on each and every member.  We ask that you “do your best” in preparation and performance.

How to Join The Believers Concert Band

The Believers Concert Band is a performing band.  Membership is open to adult musicians in the community, college students, and talented students recommended by their directors.  The prospective member should attend rehearsals and “sit in” with the section to determine if they are comfortable with the performance level.  Interested musicians should contact the director at (770) 536-2341 to set a date to attend a rehearsal.

Joining a rehearsal is an ideal time for prospective members to join members of The Believers Concert Band and experience being a member.  You will be able to meet members of the band, play some of our music and get the feeling of what it is like to be a member of the band.

If you have an instrument, you are all set.  If you need an instrument, we have inexpensive rentals available.  You can take the rental instrument home with you so you can continue to experience the joys of playing an instrument again.

Subscribe to our Mailing List so that we can contact you about attending a rehearsal.  Just check “I am interested in joining the band” on the subscription form.

Rehearsal Schedule

We rehearse on Tuesday evenings from 6 – 7:30 pm in the choir room of the Gainesville First United Methodist Church on Thompson Bridge Road. Come early for a time of fellowship from 5:30 to 5:55.

If you play an instrument, or did once before, and love music, we would love to have you join us.